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Lets walk together in conciousness and build a new time

Are you looking to reconnect with your uniqueness?

Are you wondering who you  really are?  The reason of your existence? and  how to walk your life using your inner wisdom, inner power and potentials?


About Me

Hi, I am Claudia, educator and Therapist.

Currently I am a co-founder of projects and ventures for the preservation of sacred knowledge, unity and the awakening of consciousness. I also collaborate with associations, groups and holistic therapists focused on ceremonial work, healing and social causes.

My strong emotional affectation derived from a serious accident in my 20's in addition to other painful events; They took me ten years later, to enter an intense journey of self-discovery and a deep transformation and spiritual awakening, in which I immersed myself in learning alternative healing therapies, in exploring the ancestral medicines of the Amazon and Mexico, and the Amerindian teachings.

These experiences prompted me to create my own synthesis of healing modalities and different workshops that I have been sharing in recent times with the call to support people to identify and deepen their inherent opportunities and talents, in order to enhance their process of personal development and individual and collective flourishing.

Today, my work is inspired and based on the prophecy of the union of the Eagle and the Condor (North & South | Mind & Heart). The birth of a new humanity that lives in balance, that is woven from its gifts and potentials, heals its history, and opens up through sharing and co-creation.

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What Is Breathwork?

Breathwork (formerly known as Rebirthing) is a powerful process of healing and transformation.

It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness. 

Breathwork Ceremonies

Breathwork Ceremonies happen 2 or 3 times per month, often around high energy days, and are open and available to all! No previous experience needed.


The ceremony includes a Light Body Meditation and Transmission, and a group Breathwork Session in person or through the Zoom's sacred temple.​

Breathwork Retreats

A Breathwork retreat is a journey home, to ourselves and to the infinite creative power that lives within us.


The intention of the Breathwork retreats is to identify, recognize, accept, heal and be guided towards a deep and integral transformation through breathing along with the support of  the ancestral modalities.

Reiki Level I

Reiki I lays a solid foundation to enhance your experience of energy that runs through you and around you.

The training includes:

  • The history of Reiki

  • Learning self-treatment

  • Four initiations

  • Practice treating others

Reiki Level II

Reiki II allows you to deepen your relationship with the flow of energy and target the type of energy you want to invite into your practice as well as in your past, present and future life.

The training includes:

  • Learning and practicing three symbols

  • Three initiations

  • Distance healing

  • Cleaning spaces with Reiki

Reiki Level III

In Reiki III, we learn one more symbol that brings us to work at the level of the soul.

The training includes:

  • Learning and practicing another symbol

  • Two initiations

  • The use of crystals


Tarot is our inner voice reflected into the cards, when we consult tarot we are willing to receive clear messages and guidance on a current situation that needs clarity and direction.

Tarot can show us our blind spots and areas that need to come into more awareness to help us in our journey.

Energy Clearing

Our homes, business or offices are collectors of energy and they can accumulate our daily life situations as stress, sadness, tensions etc.

So if you want to add more good vibes into your space and reduce feelings of stuffiness and heaviness, energy clearing is a good way to start. 

Words of love

Claudia's loving presence and ability to capture the essence of the other are a gift for those she connects with.  Her wisdom, depth and clear vision imbue the sacred space she creates with a quality that allows for an ease of being and healing.

Ramya Flo

Montreal, Qc CANADA


Claudia's heartfelt sincerity, intuitive guidance and strong presence has helped me bring into completion a heavy chapter of my life, after only one breathwork session. Her energy reflects without doubt the essence of transformation and empowerment.


Montreal, Qc CANADA


Claudia, I am so grateful for our breath working session!  You have such a gentle way to create a safe place and allow healing to occur. Your words of wisdom and the whole session brought so much peace and clarity to me.

Sandra Akl

Montreal, Qc CANADA


Claudia working with me in Breathwork was so very amazing. I felt held in a safe space to really let it all out.

Breathing with Claudia, I could feel her wisdom from beyond this time and space coming through from all the sacred feminine energies of the planet and beyond. 

Niki King

California, USA



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Claudia Ikal

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